Hawthorn Childcare Center | Extra Curricular Experiences
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Extra Curricular Experiences

At Hawthorn Childcare and Early Learning Centre we believe in encouraging the children to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

To assist them with this development we invite people and organisations from across Adelaide to come and speak to or share an experience with the children.


These include:

  • Music


We provide a monthly music program called Music with Libby. The children really enjoy their sessions with Libby and throughout these sessions the children are encouraged to follow instruction, experiment with movement, explore different instruments and begin to understand about rhythm, timing and beat.

  • Farm Yard visits
  • Fire truck
  • Local council visits
  • Aboriginal elders and presentations
  • Adelaide Zoo visits
  • Library Visits
  • Guest Speakers


These are just a few, many more are added throughout the year that expand on the current interests and knowledge of the children.

Parents are encouraged to come in and share any special interests or skills that they may have with the children.

We work closely with Mitcham Kindergarten, taking children to and from the kindy on our kindy bus. We also run our own kindy program in the centre.