Music and Movement Program
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Music and Movement Program

Hawthorn Child Care and Early Learning Centre offers the Music and Fun program on a monthly basis.


Libby Phillips has developed the Music and Fun Program over a period of 20 years and has been running music and movement classes at the Centre for many years. A Music and Fun Class is a 40 minute Music and Movement Class for Pre-School Children. It is fun, vibrant, energetic, educational, and full of surprises. It includes puppets, instruments, dancing, listening, and singing. It is linked to the current syllabus covering all areas of musical learning. Each activity is cleverly designed to foster learning in an enjoyable way.


There are three different age groups –  Baby, Toddler, and Pre School:


Baby Class

Babies inherently love music and we can at this very early stage begin to hard wire the brain to develop language, listening and recognition of patterns. The Music and Fun Baby Class includes traditional music, chants, classical music and contemporary music with a beat. The babies are exposed to untuned percussion instruments, sensory balls, scarves and other tactile activities. Also many visual cues are used throughout the class.


Toddler Class

A Music and Fun Toddler Class recognizes that there can now be increased focus on the movement side of the programme. Increased language skills at this age also means that their ability to sing along is greatly increased. A wide range of activities are used including action songs, chants, rhymes, and instrument playing. All of these activities are designed to be fun but each activity builds their skills in musical terms as well as in terms of their motor and cognitive skills.


Preschool Class

By this age children have better voice and motor control and therefore the activities are more complex. In this class they are constantly working on the musical elements rhythm, beat, pitch, high and low and the concept of duration. They also love to imagine and create and they respond to the combination of drama and song. A wide variety of activities, music and songs are used to achieve these goals with the emphasis yet again being on enjoyment which is the key to children learning.