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Hawthorn Child Care Centre aims to provide a warm and caring environment where all children, families, educators,
and wider community members feel welcome, safe, respected and valued. We acknowledge our Centre is on the
traditional lands of the Kaurna people.


We are committed to providing an education and care environment in which children’s health, safety, and wellbeing is
promoted and protected in policies, procedures, and practice.


We are guided in our everyday practice by professional documentation including the United Nations Convention on
the Rights of the Child; the National Quality Framework; and the Early Years Learning Framework. We are committed
to ensuring that the principles and practices of these documents underpin our everyday practice.


We support and promote the holistic development of each child in our Centre. We are committed to ensuring that all
children are provided with a nurturing environment where they have the opportunity to play, develop, learn and
participate. We draw on a wide range of theoretical, child, family, and community perspectives to guide our pedagogy,
planning, and practice with our base always in the Early Years Learning Framework. Children will be given the
opportunity and respect to play, learn and develop based on their individual developmental needs, interests and
experiences, whilst also being supported to succeed and develop within a wider learning community. We encourage
children to be an active part of our curriculum planning process.


We are committed to ensuring that children have their voice heard and reflected to support their sense of belonging in
our Centre community. Children are supported to share their views and opinions, and these views and opinions are
respected. Children’s right to a choice on decisions which will affect them is supported wherever possible. We
recognise, respect, and support the rights of all children in our Centre and are committed to providing an environment
in which the best interests of the child are the primary consideration.


We strive to build secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with each child in our care and recognize the
importance of these relationships to the children in our care.


We believe and respect that each child, family, and educator is different and each individual provides a variety of
ideas, perspectives, and skills to our Centre community. We are committed to the full inclusion of every person in our
service community. We strive to ensure all persons are treated without bias regardless of their ability, gender,
sexuality, age, economic status, family structure, lifestyle, ethnicity, religion, language, culture, or national origin.


We acknowledge that every family has different needs and circumstances and our leadership and educators
acknowledge and respect this. We are committed to recognising each family individually. Each family is treated with
empathy, equity and respect. We believe in communicating effectively with families to ensure they feel connected to
the Centre and we welcome and encourage all family input and participation.


We acknowledge and respect the knowledge, wisdom, and relationship each family has with their child. We are
committed to working in partnerships with families to ensure that educators and families work collaboratively towards
the best outcomes for each child.


We recognize the importance and value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and perspectives. We are
committed to providing a learning environment which embraces Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s
heritage, cultures, and perspectives as we work towards Reconciliation as both a Centre and a wider community.


We believe in participating in, and contributing to, the wider community. We are committed to working with children
and families to support their sense of belonging and active participation in our local and global communities.


We believe that sustainability is a fundamental lesson for all children to learn as they grow and make their mark on the
world. We are committed to adopting sustainable methods for our day-to-day management of the service. We
recognise the importance of connections to nature for the children in our care and are committed to providing children
with a natural environment where they can explore and share wonder in the beauty of the natural world as well as
learning the importance of caring for the natural environment.


We believe in the importance of transparency, accountability, and commitment to our stakeholders in the governance
of the service. We embrace, and are committed to, continuous quality improvement in all areas of our practice.


Created in conjunction with children, families, and staff along with reference to professional documentation. Reviewed August 2022. Next Review
August 2023.